ENG 1D The Chrysalids – Journal Entries

Posted: August 23, 2013 in ENG 1D

I.”The ways of the world were very puzzling…” What do you find puzzling about the ways of the world today? Explain.

II. In today’s world, is there anything that is morally questionable but all right and acceptable in the eyes of law? Who decides about what is legal or not? Why would there be things that are both legal and immoral?

III. What is irreligious arrogance? Name some examples. Do we live in times of irreligious arrogance today?

IV. Name a few examples for what a lot of people say that a thing is so but does not prove it so. What is one word term for such convictions / beliefs?

V. Reread the passage “And the more stupid they are…hurt people who are different -” Is this a fair and accurate description of people or organizations/nations today? Explain and give examples.

VI. Do you agree that people who cannot communicate with thoughts have something missing? Do you think living in a society where most people are “think-togethers” and not “one-at-a-times” would be a good thing or not? Why?

VII. Do you find the description of the Old People by the New People accurate? Provide some specific examples that would illustrate that description.


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